Minimally invasive surgery


Minimally invasive surgery involves performing surgery through tiny incisions, usually under some form of image guidance. When the incisions are just a few millimetres long, it is often referred to as percutaneous or keyhole surgery although here are no specific definitions in this respect.

Mr Redfern is a pioneer of this type of surgery in the foot and ankle and is recognised worldwide as a leader in this field.

The vast majority of surgeons offering this type of surgery in the UK have been trained by Mr Redfern who invented many of the techniques including the MICA bunion operation.

To perform his MICA operation for bunion correction, Mr Redfern insists that all surgeons must go through one of his training labs which are run worldwide.

This type of surgery has been enabled by advances in technology which have allowed the development of very small drills (called burrs). These can be used to make delicate cuts in the bones of the foot to re-align them through very small incisions (usually just a few millimetres in length). The surgery is carried out under state-of-the-art x-ray guidance.

Mr Redfern along with his French colleague have shaped the development of this field over the last decade and have travelled the world to lecture and train surgeons in their techniques.

Mr Redfern and his surgery has previously been featured on the BBC One Show and more recently on television in the USA.

Mr Redfern training surgeons inches keyhole techniques in New York

Mr Redfern training surgeons inches keyhole techniques in New York

Mr Redfern has pioneered minimally invasive surgery techniques in the foot and ankle.

These techniques can now be applied to most areas of foot & ankle surgery.

Mr Redfern has described use of these techniques in almost all areas of foot and ankle surgery including both forefoot and hindfoot surgery as well surgery in patients with very fragile soft tissues such as the elderly, diabetic patients and those with skin fragility.


Keyhole Surgery

Using tiny drills called burrs under x-ray guidance, Mr Redfern can perform a lot of modern surgery through small keyhole incisions (usually a few millimetres in length).


Keyhole Instruments

Mr Redfern uses a range of instruments specifically designed to be used through tiny incisions for this type of surgery.


X-ray Guidance

State-of-the-art image guidance in theatre allows Mr Redfern to have “eyes inside the foot” when performing this surgery.